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Meet the smart solution with both in-restaurant & online cloud modules.
Meet all of your challenges

In-restaurant modules

Point-of-Sale (POS)


Modern solution with fresh design for F&B, easy to manage operations.

Restaurant Emenu Software - SingFNB


Self ordering system, keep your customers engaged throughout their stay in restaurant.

Restaurant Emenu Software


App for your serving staff, manage orders, review guest profiles.

Restaurant Emenu Software

Kitchen Display System (Preparation Area)

Digital KOTs and a lot more.

Restaurant Emenu Software

Serving Station

Digital KOTs designed for serving station needs, trace dish status from ordering to serving

Restaurant Emenu Software

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Manage customer profiles, Loyalty/ Reward Points

Restaurant Emenu Software

Inventory Stock Tracking

Manage stock even at item level, get precise liquor consumption reports

Solution Layout

In-Restaurant Module and Cloud Module of Restaurant Solution

Cloud modules

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Corporate mobile friendly website

A modern, responsive website with custom theme a perfect match for your brand.

Restaurant Emenu Software - SingFNB

Content Management Solution (CMS)

Easily manage the web contents, news, blogs, image & video gallery.

Restaurant Emenu Software

Professional menu display & e-Commerce

Your live menu info displayed, allow online orders for Self-Collection, Home Delivery.

Restaurant Emenu Software

Cloud Reporting/ Analytics

Generate management reports, analyse your data through Business Intelligence module.

Restaurant Emenu Software

Table Reservation

Allow Table Reservations online that auto flows to the applicable restaurant outlet.

Restaurant Emenu Software

Management mobile app

Know live sales info from anywhere anytime.

Restaurant Emenu Software

Customer back-end

Allow your customers to login to review their loyalty/ reward point transactions, get invoice reports.

Restaurant Emenu Software

Social Media Integration

Manage your social media accounts right from the Cloud Modules.

Restaurant Emenu Software

CRM with Newsletter Broadcast Engine

Sent newsletters to your customers & subscribers and get detailed stats info.

Features & Key Benefits

All integrated solution

  • All work on the single version of the data, no confusion, no synchronization issue.
  • Change menu in one place and all modules show the updated info automatically.

Designed with active ground staff feedback

  • Every operational hurdle has been dealt with and you get chaos free solution with right info at right place.
  • Your staff now can operate at extreme efficiency, you get more with less.

Fresh design of e-POS

  • Quick to learn & be proficient – even new staff can start using it like pro in minutes.
  • Fast EOD – quickly identify mistakes, correct them and wrap up End-of-day activities

First class support for Home Delivery orders

  • Separate reporting on standard Take Away & Home Delivery.
  • Home Delivery vendor charges reported as Cost of sales while standard discounts are reported as sales rebates.

Restaurants can operate offline

  • Your operations continue to function normally even when internet connection is not there.
  • Stores data locally and can auto synchronize with the cloud server when internet connection is available.


  • Full support for multi-outlets, multi-country, multi-currency, multi-stores, multi-lingual UI and even multi-franchisee features.
  • Grow unlimited at your own pace.

A SingSuite® family member

  • SingFNB is a SingSuite® family member. This modular design means you get fully polished products with existing global footprint and can plug in other products like Payroll as well.

Unique cost effective Active Growth maintenance

  • We offer unique subscription with auto upgrade of the F&B solution with new features/ modules/ products being added. Your solution stays relevant all the time.
  • Feel free to ask for any enhancements, as long the new feature is meaningful to any other peer it would be developed and made available without any additional charges.
  • You also get the enhancements that other peers are asking for. Cumulative intelligence helps everyone on-board.

SingFNB is part of SingSuite®

Better ROI than anyone else


SingFNB is built on top of SingSuite® – our revolutionary suite of integrated business software. This has a global growth plan commitment that would benefit SingFNB users. We offer better ROI than anyone else.

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SingSuite® is the complete solution to revolutionize your organizational productivity.

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