End-to-end integrated Restaurant
& Cafe software solution

Only solution with both integrated
On-Premises and Cloud Modules.

Better long-term ROI than anyone else

About Us

We are Singapore based IT company providing services to local & regional clients since 2004. Intelli Softwares© has been founded with a vision of providing quality IT services at highly affordable prices to masses.

All our solutions are ready to cater for Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) compliance requirements. In addition we have several features in our solution that would make it easier for you to implement ISO 27001 - Information Security Management.

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Sing FNB is end-to-end integrated Restaurant & Cafe software solution designed to capture the entire process flow in....

On-Premises Modules

These are the modules that are primarily deployed in your restaurant/ or cafe. It synchronizes with the cloud...

Cloud Modules

Cloud modules are the ones that are primarily deployed on Cloud. All publicly accessible services are made available...

Key Benefits

Sing FNB is built on top of our revolutionary integrated business software called...

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