A true- tech partner!

We team up with the restaurants and together work on growing your restaurant brand.

As a real partner, we undergo many digital changes together with you.

Starting from the scratch to staying ahead of your customers' expectations, SingFNB keeps the journey exciting and perfect.


Specially tailored On-premise or Cloud module

Often there's a confusion while choosing a restaurant software system: An online cloud system or an offline on-premise system No worries!

SingFNB provides both an offline on-premise module as well as an online cloud based module.
With better comparison metrics, you can choose the module right for you.

SingFNB helps you give a right direction to your business.


A continuous innovation everyday!

While cuisines and concepts can attract the customers, it's the marketing tact that can forge reputation and profit.

We at SingFNB help restaurants to become a global brand by connecting to a larger crowd across the oceans.

Pamphlets to modern day newsletters, from reading content to visualizing images, videos, and sharing it on social media, we have it all sorted and ready for you.


A complete spectrum in one frame!

SingFNB provides you with:
More orders: A digital menu, a streamlined service with a well integrated online ordering cart to get more DineIn and Take Away orders.
Huge crowd: A strategic tool to share and promote your dishes and restaurant specials with a larger audience.
Rewards: A loyalty program that turns the new customers to members and members to exclusive and premium.
Customer Satisfaction: Customer Management tool to help you know about your customer's preferences, past orders and ultimately delight them based on their choices.
Profits: Sales and inventory management tools to keep a track on orders, stocks so that they don't affect the profits.
Insights: User reviews, ratings and the statistics to get an overall view of the business.

Restaurants prefer SingFNB to get a complete digital pie from ordering a dish to satisfying a customer and making profits to future planning.


A set of numbers for your trust assumptions or gut feelings!

With SingFNB's reporting and analytics tool, you can measure your business's success and make informed future decisions.

As those pretty graphs and reports can give you a lot of useful information on how to improve your website, give out offers, bring in the crowd, and to compete with your competitors, everything on a single click on your smartphone.

Go beyond the past actions and bring on profits because numbers never lie!


A 12 am helping friend!

If confused with a feature's functioning or adding a new offer to the website?

SingFNB provides restaurants with 24 *7 technical support via calls and emails.
An on-site support program to provide service in person.
A complete product guidance through user manuals.
Unlimited free online training videos that meets your needs.

Culinary or ambience
Garnishing is important

Just like that, Profits or Customer Satisfaction SingFNB is important

SingFNB puts the finishing touch to the restaurant without which the main dish seems imperfect.
A pot full of customised solution ready to be plattered with a flavorful garnishing.