All in One Restaurant Solution - SingFNB

A stress buster for you and your restaurant.
We believe in easing restaurant's stress with a new-age solution.


1. Automated Operations : We make sure that your restaurant operations are handled without worries, within fraction of seconds and that too accurately with no errors.

2. Customizable Menu : With ever changing trends and ideas, designing menu gets easy with our EPOS.

3. Profits with orders : The unmanned topping of discounts, promotions, offers, payments by SingFNB EPOS brings escalated orders with profits as the dessert.

4. Customer Tracking : We can give you a complete bio-data of your customer's orders, spending’s, their preferences, etc and even tell you about the existing customers present in the house.

5. Advanced business insights : From sales that showcase the profit and loss to payment reports that help in tracking cash flow, you get a 360 degree view that will help in making better decisions.

For ever- evolving customer needs,
One solution to match buyer's expectations

Features that help you create an amazing customer experience!

Online Ordering – Yield from all the doors - dine-in to take away or deliveries via third party services.
Multiple Payment Processing - Split the bill with flexible payment options and multiple currencies support
Loyalty and offers - Make customers happy by rewarding them with offers and loyalty points
Smart Reporting and Analytics - See easy-to-analyze, real-time reports—on everything from sales to labor—all in one place
Integrations - A high-tech digital solution that easily integrates with all the other systems or an ERP system on whole.


A new service style - Traditional role but a digitized way
SingFNB EWaiter allows waiters' to provide service to everyone at anywhere in the restaurant by a single App.

Problems with the traditional way...
Every restaurant, once in a while, face few of the problems like
Managing customers with a handful of people
Miscommunication while taking orders
Discounts and Billing problems
Customer satisfaction due to long waiting hours

With EWaiter...
Waiters – Just snap the fingers and it’s done!
Let’s look what makes it as simple as snapping the fingers…

Turn More Tables & More Heads - Enhances efficiency to table, guest, and order management, giving guests a memorable dining experience with less time spent waiting.
Helping Hand - Forgot what your customer asked? It’s natural to get lost in your thoughts sometimes, EWaiter remembers it for you.
A special feel – Greeting your customers with their names, welcoming them with their favorites by knowing about their past orders is what EWaiter helps you with.
Loyalty – When you sense loyalty, you turn out to be loyal. EWaiter won’t miss out a chance to show your loyalty towards your customers and will make sure to turn new customers into a loyal one.


A novel experience with a royal service
Give customers a complete freedom in selecting & ordering the specials of their choice, temptingly depicted on screen.

Why SingFNB EMenu?

1. Time Savvy & Less Man Power
With everything digitized, SingFNB EMenu helps in saving your investment, time and a peace of mind by maintaining handful of quality people.

2. Speedy order processing with accurate data
Systematic alignment via handheld devices increases the order accuracy and a less nuisance in the kitchen area.

3. Easy menu updation
Change doesn't cost atleast with EMenu.
Now change and update menu daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly, whenever you wish at no cost.

4. More heads inside the door
The experience and entertainment of self-ordering menu with loyalty points on hand makes the guests come back.

5. Increased sales and revenue.
More information shared means more purchases.
EMenu provides every minute detail of each and every dish and the menu precisely.
It increases your profits and decreases your cost.

6. Exclusive Offer
A rush hour savior or a non- ordering digitalised menu board, SingFNB EMenu adjusts well to the requirements and acts accordingly.

Restaurant Website

Epitome of Elegance -A way of expressing your emotions to your customers.
Your business's digital face.

Strong first Impression - An identity of your brand is the website that just goes perfectly with the digital world.

Build and customize a professional looking site that expresses your brand with us.
We promise to give your customers an ever lasting strong impression.

An attractive website - No compromises!
Help us create the website for your restaurant that presents the essence of the dishes in an enchanting way.

Advance ordering booking - In hassle scenario, pre order your choice of meal at the restaurant along with seat reservation and relish the hot and tasty food when you arrive in the restaurant without any extra time.

Customers to members
Let your first time customers turn to premium and exclusive members with the offers, loyalty rewards and the other benefits.
Allow online ordering so as to save paying commission to food deliveries or third party services.

It does what matters

Responsive Layout - A site that responds to users behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation is our main motto.
Offers and rewards - With loyalty programs and other discounts and festive deals, surprise your customers every time they visit the website.
MARKETING & SEO - We help you market your brand digitally with SEO friendly content and social media interactions.
SALES & PROFITS - With integrated reports and sales data, you can check out your business's profit and loss, the product's growth, the selling margin, the customer details, the traffic on your site, etc.
CUSTOMER RELATIONS - Membership, Loyalty Programs, Special offers, Customer Support, FAQs, Reviews, Tracking details, a wishlist... we take care of all these little things that makes a customer a forever member.

Management App

Worried about your sales and profits when you are on a holiday ?
With SingFNB management app, you can check your profits and sales even when you are on some beach relaxing on a hot summer day.
What makes it a must have....

No physical presence - With no extra spendings or physical presence, you can check the total earnings on your smart phone anywhere anytime.

Premium Design. - Customised app in contrast to your restaurant ambience and needs.

Detailed Reporting - Retrieve digitized feedback swiftly everyday & get detailed insights from your smart dashboard.

Take immediate action now! - Get instant alerts and updates of the ongoing sales in the restaurant from anywhere around the world.