03 - Jan - 2020

Why your Restaurant needs a CRM Integrated System?

Often while looking for a restaurant management system...

Author: Nikita Rohira

24 - Dec - 2019

How To Win Back Customers & Make Them Stay?

Customers are the sole reason of flourishing business and with...

Author: Nikita Rohira

05 - Dec - 2019

How To Implement a Pos System Properly?

Dealing with the new POS system could be more daunting as selecting...

Author: Nikita Rohira

29 - Nov - 2019

How To Calculate Food Cost Percentage In Restaurant?

Restaurant Menu and the price of the dishes play a major role in bringing sales and profits.

Author: Nikita Rohira

16 - Oct - 2019

How videos can help with Restaurant Marketing?

Thinking to market your restaurant by creating videos?
Well, that's a great idea.

Author: Nikita Rohira

11 - Oct - 2019

Difference between a Cloud-based restaurant POS vs On-Premise POS system

With growing demand and importance of a POS system, it becomes essential to make an informed decision...

Author: Nikita Rohira

30 - Aug - 2019

Why your restaurant needs a Kitchen Display System?

Dealing with KOT's yet?
We have an alternate solution for you, a modern solution for a modern restaurant.

Author: Nikita Rohira

06 - Aug - 2019

12 Tips to Create Successful Holiday Promotion

The season of gifts and offers is on the roll. So what are you waiting for?

Author: Nikita Rohira

26 - Jul - 2019

How to start a food blog in 5 easy steps?

"I don't love food", said no one ever.
And Singapore being a foodie ...

Author: Nikita Rohira

16 - Jul - 2019

Restaurant marketing with Loyalty Programs

Often stuck with restaurant profits and customer relations, you might be thinking about an

Author: Nikita Rohira

05 - Jul - 2019

Author: Nikita Rohira

14 - Jun - 2019

What is RAS and why restaurateurs should join it?

RAS means Restaurant Association Singapore.

Author: Nikita Rohira

12 - Jun - 2019

How to launch a successful email marketing campaign?

Sending emails look so simple. As simple as adding an image, content and you think you are ready to go.

Author: Nikita Rohira

10 - Jun - 2019

7 technologies that can increase restaurant sales and revenue

Once in a while looking through the mobiles, tablets, laptops or PCs, you might be wondering about ...

Author: Nikita Rohira

08 - Jun - 2019

Ways to sell more during non-peak hours

Mondays are boring for those working staff and stressful for business owners as there's no sale or profits.

Author: Nikita Rohira

07 - Jun - 2019

POS System-An ultimate solution for your restaurant!

Talking about restaurant is all about managing products and orders, satisfying customers, better service

Author: Nikita Rohira

06 - Jun - 2019

Why you need self-service technology for boosting your restaurant business?

The new age of technology has brought new ways of ideas, food trends, and as well the services.

Author: Nikita Rohira

22 - May - 2019

Boosting Restaurant Revenue with Online Table Registration

Being a restaurant owner, it might be frustating to attend all the un-ending calls and messages.

Author: Nikita Rohira

15 - Apr - 2019

Why we need digital marketing for F&B industry?

In the era, where smart phones are the priority and good food- the life, how can someone avoid a digital dive?

Author: Nikita Rohira

04 - Apr - 2019

Increase your F&B Sales

Want to increase your F&B sales?
Worried about the great customer base and the service?

Author: Nikita Rohira

01 - Apr - 2019

Restaurant Management hacks to work smarter

In the world of restaurant where delicious food makes a brand, better service gives a boost.

Author: Nikita Rohira