Restaurant Management hacks to work smarter


01 - Apr - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira



In the world of restaurant where delicious food makes a brand, better service gives a boost.
The waiters, bartenders, hosts, and other professionals who are in direct contact with the client reflect the image of the restaurant. But what if they themselves are struggling hard? Would that help boost productivity?

Here are some hacks to boost your restaurant productivity by working smarter not harder!


1. Untangle everything:

Tired of tracking down every aspect of your business manually?
Let an automation system track down your business highlights.
From sales tracking to book keeping, employee management and customer satisfaction, let a single solution make it effortless for you.
A restaurant management system is your best assistant to save time, money, and your efforts!


2. Choose the right people & Motivate them!

While cuisines and concepts can attract the customers, it's the team that can forge reputation. Hiring great staff means choosing the right people for you.
Afterall, you don't need a quantity of people to run the restaurant. A handful of quality people will do the difference.

With a payroll feature, you can choose the efficient staff and also reward them with bonus for their less absence and more work, thus motivating them to work diligently.


3. Make sure inventory is up to date before taking orders.

"Sorry sir! The ordered dish is not available currently."
What can this do to your restaurant's reputation? Have you ever thought?
The consequences can be pretty dire for your business.

In F&B industry, taking stock of inventory isn’t just simply scanning the barcodes.
It applies to the counting of items on the kitchen shelves, and even the ones scattered in storage rooms.
Straight off, this makes it difficult for you to manage your restaurant inventory efficiently.
However, you can altogether avoid this menace with an inventory management feature.
From the available stock count to re-ordering the items, it allows you to manage the overall circulation of food based on outlet requirements.


4. Understand your customers and improve their experience

Customers are the backbone of any business, it would fail without them.
Knowing about your customers' details, their likes and dislikes, meal preferences is the right solution to keep them coming for more.
But wait! Can you remember each and every detail of all the customers ?
Imagine a solution that will allow your business to be smarter and help you provide a more personalized experience to your customers.
Does all of this sound too good to be true?

Well, a CRM feature will help you turn this into reality.
With a strong understanding of your customers’ needs, behaviours and preferences, it helps to increase sales, improve customer experience and enhance your marketing campaigns.
In short, a complete detailed profile of every customer. From their age to their likings, feedbacks and more is what you get.
It also identifies your most loyal and highest spending customers.
By using this data, you can create personalised discounts or reward your customers to encourage them to revisit your restaurant.


5. Strong online presence

Having a business in the modern world; the world of internet but being out of its site can be a downslope for your business.
Connecting with the world help your customers reach you.
However, when looking for a new website to better attract eaters online, using a Content Management System(CMS) is vital ingredient.

CMS feature will provide the tools to build blogs or responsive website, manage site's content,
attract visitors with several photos of fancy food, interior, outdoor views, staff, etc.,
and optimize generic searches for easy online ordering with a user- friendly interface.


6. Keep a check on brain of your restaurant, i.e., Analytics and Reports

Working on decor, food, and ambiance will beautify the restaurant but to make it a brand, you need to analyse your sales and other key factors.
Checking on amount earned at the end of day will not expand the business.
A full track on the products selled, the invoice category that did a good business, analyzing customer trends,
total sales, profitable outlets, best days of earning, products that need attention is mandatory.

Afterall, a minute detail can help in upsell or downsell of the business.
For tracking this kind of precise details, Reports and Analytics help restaurants make a big impact on their bottom line.


7. Go green, go user-friendly

Contribute to the environment; stop cutting down trees for paper.
Go digital to increase your customer base and business simultaneously by choosing environment friendly options.

Increasing your restaurant's productivity is not a rocket science,
try implementing these simple hacks with a one shot solution that supports all the features of a good restaurant management system, i.e., SingFNB!
Come explore and get benefited by signing up for a free demo with SingFNB today!


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