What is RAS and why restaurateurs should join it?


14 - Jun - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira



RAS means Restaurant Association Singapore.
Since 1980, RAS has acted us a bridge to help F&B industry move from traditional concepts of food sellers to modernized F&B industry business.
A voice of F&B industry that helps restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, etc to grow their business by providing them high class services and assistance.
To know more about RAS, refer RAS.

RAS solely works with government and other national and international agencies to make F&B industry a successful growth market.



  • RAS has provided Singapore's multicultural cuisine and diverse culture, a door to explore the world and let the world taste the tri-Asian cultural cuisines.
  • Representing more than 700 brands & 3600 outlets, RAS has promoted industrial development by sharing best practices, ideas, sustainable matters, etc
  • You can meet and be mentored by people with vast knowledge and experience.
  • Know about various seminars and workshops held and to be held nationally or globally.
  • Access industry's leading business ideas.
  • Learn some high renowned culinary skills and their presenting ways.
  • Stay on top of industry trends, news and alerts.
  • You can take advantage of membership programs and as well the products/ services offered by them.




To get the best available offers and business ideas, stay tuned to RAS membership plans
Different membership programs offered by them are as:


1. Ordinary Member:
Any sole holder engaged in operations & management of restaurant dually licensed by Singapore authorities is eligible for Ordinary membership.


2. Corporate Associate Member:
Any person related to restaurant dually licensed by Singapore authorities is eligible for Corporate Associate Member.


3. Individual Associate Member:
Any legal resident individual who works for an organisation that is an ordinary member of RAS is deemed to be an Individual Associate Member.


4. Institutional Member:
Any institution related to restaurant or the hospitality industry is deemed to be an Institutional Member.


To check out more about their membership and fees, refer RAS Membership.



  • A platform to share your opinions and views related to industry.
  • Learn from experts about business opportunities, latest trends, way to manage business and key issues.
  • Gain insights over government new schemes.
  • Get an upper hand in dealing with legislation.
  • Enjoy different workshops, overseas study trips along with latest government agencies and many more.
  • Stay updated about the latest technologies to trendy dishes.




RAS arranges different events and activities on an individual level or a larger scale.
Different kinds of seminars are frequently organised by RAS:
Events such as Sports Tournament to Singapore Restaurant Festival; Business oversea trips to Seoul or Learning Trip to Shanghai, you can get an overall exposure of the F&B industry worldwide.


You can check out their latest events, seminars and business trips here.




Along with organising several events and activities, RAS takes a lead in various national level programmes such as FS, SME Talent Programme, Mentorship Programme, P-Max, etc.
You, being the member of RAS can be part of these programmes and other national and international programmes which are led by RAS.


Each programme organised is set to target and achieve independent goal.
Talking about these programmes,

  • FS aims to drive productivity improvement via operational efficiency and space utilisation.
  • SME Talent Programme is held to attract academic students who are interested in F&B industry, and train them by providing funding.
  • Mentorship Programme is a 6 month course. The programme aims to mentor local business and development of competition. New entrants of the F&B industry can apply and avail from this programme.
  • P-Max programme focuses on work force. With this programme, RAS assists SME's in better recruiting by providing training and assistance. P-Max places Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians in SME and facilitates their entries into suitable job.



Being a member of RAS is like digging a hole of information and knowledge, the more you dig, the more you get.


With its different communicational ways and resource materials, you can get an overall perspective of the advancements in your industry as well as the other changes overpowering world on the whole.
You can get overall information from legislation to latest news and business developments in the industry.
To dig the hole of knowledge, refer Resources and Materials.


A loud voice, a huge network, and updated knowledge are the three traits of successful business.
RAS provides you with a louder voice, a huge network via different events, programs, activities, seminars and workshops, trips, etc, a knowledge hub to keep you updated with the present as well as the predicted future.


Join RAS and be a part of the future advancements today!

Source: www.ras.org.sg