Cool hacks to drive more sales with content marketing


05 - Jul - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira


Hello Restaurateur!

Be it a new restaurant and website, or a new website of an existing restaurant, getting along with people is exciting and fun, right?
What’s more thrilling: getting all the attention, crowd, sales, and the profits... Oohlaala!

This excitement makes us a writer, a poet who's excited for customers to see his new pasta poetry, a photographer who tries his/her best to make customers drool with a wow capturing moment, a film maker, who tells the story of dishes, the super heroes (chefs) who make it special, etc.

Well, it's good to be a writer, a poet, a photographer, film maker, a friend, but that excitement may or may not attract your potential audience because business being a profession, you must know the professional hacks.

Don't worry, with the tactics mentioned below, you can be a pro at content marketing:


1. Attractive words
We all have heard about being emotional and logical but how many of us actually know the difference of both in business?
Those heart touching words that can melt and attract customers and those fixed sale kind of words that doesn't infuse any endorphins in the customer To be a pro content marketer, we must be able to trigger human emotions as per the survey that states, humans are likely to react more to emotions than logic.

Example: To attract patrons to taste your new meal plans, instead of offering them a meal set that says, "Summer offer meals" try something like "Beat the heat with this summer healthy, yummy and homely flavour meal set".

Remember, attractive, good, appealing content will help you get top ranking on search engines.


2. Story telling
Who doesn't love a beautifully weaved fairy tale story or some thrilling - daredevil adrenaline rush adventure?
Every human from a toddler to a golden-ager loves stories that inspires them, makes them happy doesn't matter if it's a recipe story or some cool hack food tips. If presented well, people are likely to come to the restaurant.
Make people curious about your food, your place, your services, how every dot connects perfectly and all lot of questions. For the answers, spice up your recipes, the ambience, the servers, with some sweet, sour, spicy, soft words of story.
All I mean is "Dress up your website with spicy content!” i.e., blogs, recipes, etc.

Example: Being curious by nature, humans want to know how it works before buying something so provide them with your signature food's recipes, healthy foodie blogs, or some extra food information that may excite them.


3. First impression
Humans are imaginative creatures. They love appearances that strengthen their visual power making their imagination more attractive and perfect.
Impress your customers with some attractive, mouthwatering images of delicacies and food in making...
Tell your chef's stories and your restaurant's history and ideas with some enchanting images.

Example: Take photographs of good food, good place, good service, and post it on your website, social media accounts, etc to attract a larger audience.


4. Behind the scenes action
Photographs, stories, infographics, images are appealing but people tend to love watching the whole picture.
And being a person of human race, the most questionable creature, everyone's fond of peeping behind the scenes. So tell them your chef's story, how a dish is prepared, your organic seasonings, chef's style cooking, etc.
Don't just tell them, I mean show them... they would love it. Because content doesn't just mean words written, it also means the words expressed.

Example: Post videos of your chef making some delicacy or the gardening hacks; showcase the best services and ambience of the place, etc.


5. Sharing is caring
Our parents taught us, "Sharing is caring" and that old-school rule applies in business too. How? By caring for your customers By providing them with best, be it offers, deals, service, food, etc.
Oh yes! Sharing comes with celebrating their happy days with them, sad days with some offer meals, promotions, etc
Sharing and Caring, together sums up to form loyalty programs. Loyalty Programs because you care for them and love to share your relation with them.

Example: Reward loyalty points to your loyal customers, send auto-generated birthday mails wishing them on their happy day, news, promos, and events newsletter to update them about the upcoming offers, deals, any many more things.


6. Lifetime friendship
Thinking about making those customers: a regular customer like a lifetime friendship?
You need to make them feel special. Special about their presence, show them that you like when they visit often.
The idea is simple, greet them with their names, keep a check on their preferences, past orders, and recommend them with meals and food specially tailored for them.


Confused, how you can remember each and every customer's name, preferences, oops... the complete bio data?
You don't need to, yes! I mean it.
The hack is your POS system.
Let it do all the work and you just think about the credit ;)

Example: Refer you customers with their names while serving orders, checkout, emails, etc. That makes them feel special.
With POS, you can check your customer's preferences, past orders and ultimately recommend them accordingly based on their choices.


Foodie's stuff...

Grab the knife and cut the slice
It's pasta time with one more rhyme

Oh my companions of the Cheese
Don't forget to put on some extra, please!

Sprinkle the seasonings fit for Kings
Some on macaroni with an extra pepperoni

Bring on the pot, it's the incredible
Lem'me have, some of this edible

Ummh! How much I love this Italian food that feels so good
O Jesus! It tastes so yum to make me numb


Wrapping up...
Content is the new way of expressing emotions and you know, where there are emotions, there are humans.
These ideas are sure to bring in the crowd.
Just a cool tip: Market your content digitally to gain a upper hand on profits.


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