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07 - Jun - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira


Talking about restaurant is all about managing products and orders, satisfying customers, better service, increasing sales, a good ambience - all at present as well as in future.

So getting hand over a system that will handle all your worries would do you wonders.

If you are tired of working all-day manually with no time to plan your further actions. It's time to bring it on. Yes! We are talking about a POS system.

A POS system that would serve you everything at your table within a blink of eye; A stress buster for you and your restaurant.

Look out for the below features that make POS system a perfect fit for your restaurant...


1. Fast, Accurate and Easier:
With POS, the transmission of data gets easier and faster.
Placing an order or doing billing operations via POS will make sure that your data is added and transmitted within fraction of seconds and that too accurately with no errors. So the chances of miscommunication and order confusions are negligible.
Along with that, handling a POS system is as easy as using a mobile phone.


2. Varied Bills, Discounts and Offers:
In restaurants, billing is the most confusing and complex operation, as you need to keep a check on each and every minute detail from adding service charges and GST to different discounts and promo codes that needs to be applied.
Recording all this manually is like standing on the edge of a cliff, a little mistake and you are in a mess.

A POS system in your restaurant will handle all your billing operations with all these toppings of discounts, promotions and other charges automatically.
Be it applying a discount on an item or a complete order, or generating a ticket, POS provides you with all the in-depth functionalities required for smooth functioning of your restaurant business with no chances of customer complaints.


3. Multiple Payment Types:
Do you accept credit cards? We would like to split the bills? I would like to pay the remaining amount via Cash?
Many-a-times, you might have heard these questions from your customers. What is the answer you give them?
I guess it's YES!

An advanced POS system offers different payment types, where customer can pay the entire amount via a single payment type or multiple payment types, splitting of the bill and its payment via different payment types is as simple as swiping your cards.
Hold on, it even allows you to record the payment amount and the payable amount of the customers. The great news! You don't need to remember anything and nor can your customers argue on the remaining amount to be payed.


Woahaa! A great deal.
"You may come in, we accept everything!"


4. CRM
Who said you can't make healthy relations with your customers via POS?
It was long back ago when POS was only a cash counter, dealing with all money.
At current time, POS is an overall system that can deal with money and as well maintain healthy relations.

CRM integrated POS can give you the complete insights of your customers, their past spending’s, loyalty points, and their preferences, etc.
You can even check out for existing customers (who have logged in) in your house and offer them the best services and recommendations specially tailored for them.


"Hello Miss Nikita, Good Evening.
It's good to see you back"


"Amazing! How do these people know I am at their place and they even remember my name? I mean, that's great!"


5. Task Scheduling & Order Management
Scheduling tasks and different appointments is another important feature of POS.
With POS at your place, you can manage all your orders effectively without any chaos and skeptic.

With calendars, you can easily schedule a new booking or track down upcoming appointments so that you are prepared beforehand.
Moreover, you can add and as well track down each and every task ongoing in your restaurant along with its status; hereby ensuring that you don't forgot or overlook one.

For instance, an order of a customer who paid the bill in advance before the serving of the food will not be closed until the food is served. So there's no need to worry, right?
Let the POS manage, you relax!


6. Smart Reporting & Analytics
At the end of the day, reports and analytics help in determining the status of your restaurant business.
From sales that showcase the profit and loss to payment reports that help in tracking cash flow, you can get a 360 degree view that will help you make better decisions.

Different types of reports that can influence your business's growth can be viewed and as well exported.
For example, Sales reports can give you an insights about the number of products sold, etc that can help you understand the top products and products that need work.
Similarly, Payment reports can give you an insight about the total cash flow at the end of the day, week month, etc. You can even check out which platform has brought about a huge amount of cash flow, like Third-party apps, Home Delivery, Dine IN, etc.
Customer related reports will give you the brief idea of your customers, their loyalty points spent, different promotions, etc.

Not exaggerating, but it feels like having an eagle's eye.


7. Integrations
The best thing about a POS system is its easy and perfect integrations.
You can easily integrate POS system with all the other systems or an ERP system on whole.
The data that you would add or modify in POS would be automatically updated on other systems and vice versa.

Doesn't matter, if you add the milk first or the sugar first, after a while the milk will be sweet.
Similarly, doesn't matter if you integrate SingERP with POS or POS with E-Menu and E-Waiter, systems will be perfectly blended.

Easy integration of SingFNB POS with E-menu and E-waiter helps you to check the battery status of the table-held devices automatically rather manually.
SingFNB POS updates you about the battery status of all the active devices all at a time.


8. Contribution to environment
We are already living in an era of global warming and saving trees is our prime goal.
In such era, how can we even think about cutting down trees when we are not even planting one?

So, let's be a human first, let's contribute to earth by going digital. Let's save the trees.

"We are earth friendly people, we don't use pen & paper, we use POS!, right?"


Final Words...
As you can see the innumerous benefits a POS system has, though these are just a few of them, having a POS system for your restaurant business is indispensable.

Looking for a POS system with these kind of cool features - head towards SingFNB that provides you with 360 degree view of your business.

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