Ways to sell more during non-peak hours


08 - Jun - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira


Mondays are boring for those working staff and stressful for business owners as there's no sale or profits.
Where week days play an important role in other sectors of business, they are tiring, boring, and less profitable for restaurant industry.

Every restaurant owner, including you, might be thinking about some alternative plans or ideas to bring on customers during those boring days to fill up the empty tables.
And eventually, with weekends on the way, you would have stopped those plans at the thinking stage.

With that in mind, if a restaurant has some amazing food and drinks to offer with some cool marketing tips and vibes in accordance with off-peak options then it's a main draw to the restaurant.

Don't miss out on some cool marketing strategies listed below:


1. Proper prizing with promotions and deals
Its prickly summer or a long week day with no customers and sales; wondering about making those extra perks with a little shot?
Well, it's simple!

Exciting offers, promotions and special deals are a tried and true classic for bringing in more business.
By organising food and drinks that can survive price cut, you can offer special deals during those boring hours to entice guests to visit and stay.
You can arrange some meal plans, combos, and a menu of special concoctions to help them relax and enjoy.

Suppose the meal plan that costs $17 during peak hours can be set to $23 with a special non-alcoholic concoction during those no-profit hours.
Next you can offer some exciting deals such as free dessert for a group of 5 during these timing.

Remember, when people come in on off-peak days, they're not necessarily looking to spend less. They're looking to get more for the full budget.
So the customers who couldn't taste your delicacies with whole heart during peak hours due to high prices can happily spend during those offer hours.


2. Get creative with your menu
Don't want to offer discounts? Then the only option is to design your menu in such a way that people can't resist coming in.
Interesting appetizers, healthy salads, gluten free alternatives, new variation in drinks and desserts will bring on a lot of crowd.
Start with your targeted audience and create something that'll tempt them to return back again and again.

Along with these, you can introduce some combo, meal plan sets in your menu that would help drive more sale.


3. Local events
Local community plays a major role as they are more likely to be your regular customers than the ones who order online.
Get out, meet and know your local community. Check out what are they looking for, what's going on in the neighborhood and try to provide them with all their cravings.

For example, if a cricket tournament is coming up why not team up with the organizers and offer drinks and snacks promotion to all those who bring an entry ticket.
On the contrary, develop some good relations with locals and as well as the businesses. This will ensure that you seek business and sales despite the off-peak lulls.


4. Online ordering via third party service
You know about the 24 hours delivery service but do you know they can pick up the slack during off-peak hours? How?
Most people like to enjoy their food at their place and so they prefer ordering via delivery services that provides them with exciting deals and offers, and up of that the reviews help customers while ordering from a specific restaurant.
So partnering with these 3rd party services can help you get online orders even during those not-so busy timings.

Up of that, it will give your restaurant a larger exposure. Customers who didn't know about your place locally can find and order from your place via online ordering services.


5. Special offers on online reservations and orders
In high end restaurant where everyone prefers the industry norms, try doing some brave things to make a huge customer base.
Everyone offers online reservation and orders but try to provide some exciting offers like dynamic pricing, free offers on online reservation and orders.

It's not a gimmick; it's a strategy that works.
Like, some price shifts for reserving during quietest times or some free snacks and desserts on online ordering.
And yes, keep it for a limited time. People are more excited for limited time offers than the regular ones.


6. Loyalty points programme
Building an off-peak customer base takes time, patience, and efforts. So why not directly target customers with all these indicators?
What about rewarding customers for their time and repetitive visits?

Giving away loyalty points to the customers is a sure-shot strategy to bring on a huge crowd.
For their each visit during those off-peak hours, reward them with different loyalty point’s programme.


You can plan some loyalty schemes, like 5th meal free or limited free drinks for 4 on 9th visit.


Some cool tips : Offer X% discount off lunch during week days
Reward customers with free snacks and desserts
Give discount on take away and online orders
Introduce new specials, etc.


Wrapping up all I would like to say is...
Give your customers a reason to consider coming to you and SingFNB to help you with strategies to double your customers during quietest times.


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