Why your restaurant needs a Kitchen Display System?


30 - Aug - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira



Dealing with KOT's yet?

We have an alternate solution for you, a modern solution for a modern restaurant.

And that's the KDS, i.e. Kitchen Display System for your chef's efficiency, your restaurant's sales and customer's happiness.

You might be thinking how can a display help you with your business?

Well, it's not just a digital KOT system of receiving orders, it's much more than that and in this article we will explain you with all those “MUCH MORE” feature of KDS that makes it a must to have.


To know the benefits of a KDS

Consider a scenario:

At your place, orders are taken by waiters via scribbling on a paper or consider having a KOT tickets for each order.

Now 5 orders are placed at a time and all the 5 KOT tickets are sent to the kitchen.

As chefs doesn't know anything about the customers, who ordered first and the sequence of orders to be served, they may start making whatever feels convenient to them.

Or say, a manager assists them with the orders but what if he isn't present in the kitchen at the time of urgency?

And what about the human errors, even manager can mix up some order information or what if he fails to inform chefs about a customer's allergens?

In such cases, the chefs have to wait until the manager comes and assists them thus increasing the time lap and delaying the service.

About human errors, sometimes you can miss some orders or as well as juggle up some orders, making customers unhappy.

Overall, the more time gap and unsatisfactory service with some missed orders is what will be offered to the customers.


Consider you have a KDS system at your restaurant.

A system that is integrated with other systems, i.e. POS, eMenu, eWaiter, etc

As soon as the customer places the order, without any help of a waiter or a manager or a KOT ticket, the order gets placed on the display system with table number, ordered time and as well about the details mentioned by the customer for the order.


And here comes the 1st benefit: Chefs don't have to wait for a manager to assist them or to bring on the orders, i.e., ORDERS RECEIVED ARE FAST AND ACCURATE.


Since there's no 3rd party, i.e., human interference in order delivering message, the chance of missing out on orders is negligible. Because that lost KOT won't affect your orders.


The 2nd benefit: Communication is error free, i.e., STREAMLINE OPERATIONS WITH SMOOTH COMMUNICATION.


Customers are the one to order and KDS to be the direct receiver; hence, the orders received are original with no coating of words as would have been by managers or waiters.


And here's the 3rd benefit: Orders are crystal clear, i.e. TRANSPARENCY.


Since 5 orders are placed and are displayed on KDS, but, out of 5, 2 orders are for drinks so what's the use of those 2 orders in the kitchen right?

For that purpose, the integrated systems along with KDS doesn't need a human interaction. The orders are well sorted based on the categories. I mean, the orders related to drinks would be received by the bar counter and not the Kitchen Display.

Ain't that great?

KDS sorted out everything on its own with no manager's help.


And it calls for a 4th benefit: Everything SORTED.


Now, the order is sorted, Kitchen display shows the order of the starters, main course for the remaining 3 tables.

3 soups, 2 Chinese starter dishes and then the main course, the display shows.

Do you think the chef would be confused with which one to start first?

No, my friend!

For every order would be arranged according to the time they arrived.

This would help the chef to know which orders should be served first.

Along with this, KDS can forecast the time required to finish the meal preparation and customers can simultaneously check their order status on eMenu with no false long hours of waiting.


With this comes the 5th benefit: PROPER ARRANGING AND LESS TIME CONSUMING


The order is cooked and instead of calling waiters or informing them about the prepared order, chefs can inform the servers with just a single touch.

The serving counters will be notified along with the table number, etc.

So that means, any server can take over the order and serve it. There's no such thing as a specific server looking over a specific table and customers.


And this way of transferring information makes up for a 6th benefit: AN EFFECTIVE SERVICE.


Delicious food with no order mishaps, long hours of waiting, and an effective service without disturbing the customer's peace with noise are together brought up by a Kitchen Display System.

And do you know what these entire benefits together sum up for?


All the above benefits together sum up and bring the most advantageous feature of KDS, i.e. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


One more, one more.....

As with KDS, you won't spend more on training or hiring a perfect manager or on KOT's, So that means, you would be saving a lot... doesn’t that make it a COST EFFICIENT??

And with no papers you would be saving the paper printing cost and not to forget, trees, eventually, the ENVIRONMENT





By now, you might have got an overall idea of the benefits of having a Kitchen Display System at your restaurant.

Hope you're clear with the reasons and now if you're looking for boosting your restaurant’s efficiency, don't forget to check out these features.

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