Why you need self-service technology for boosting your restaurant business?


06 - Jun - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira


The new age of technology has brought new ways of ideas, food trends, and as well the services. So why are the restaurants stuck with the old fashion of attracting diners?

It's high time to bid farewell to those attracted flat boards that brought about a huge customer base during 90's because neither are we in 90's nor are we unaware of the technologies and their achievements.

Being in a restaurant business, you might have heard about the digital menu or E-Menu as you prefer.
Yet the questions that pops up in your mind, "What are the benefits that E-Menu has? Does it provide a huge difference?" is what makes you unsure whether you should use a digital menu or not.

If you ask me, having a digital menu is important as it has more advantages than one can think about.
Here are the main reasons why shift to digital menu is must:


1. Time Savvy and less manpower
With digital menu, order placing and taking gets easier.
If you have E-Menu on every table, then your staff doesn't need to take orders. Instead, the order placed is instantly received by POS and Kitchen stations so there's no waiting and online order fuss. As ordering is done via E-Menu, you can maintain a handful of quality people rather than crowding your place with more staff

So overall, you save more time, money, and peace of mind.


2. Speedy order processing with accurate data
As the order is directly placed by customers and data is transmitted through hand held devices, the orders sent are error free and accurate, omitting the chance of miscommunication or wrong order. An E-Menu app finely integrated with POS and ERP software makes the order processing quick and hassle free. Along with it, easy customizations and serving status makes the process smooth and fast.


3. Easy menu updation
Not like in traditional menu where adding a new product meant complete change of menu, re-printing of menus, spending of more money. With digital restaurant menu, adding a product, updating the prices or other details is as simple as adding and saving contact details in a mobile phone.

You can simply manage your food items; update the menu yourself at no cost to you.


4. Enhanced customer experience
One of the main reasons to use digital menu is to provide information and a pleasant dining experience to guests.
With attractive menu display and detailed information about foods and drinks, customers can see and know what exactly they are ordering instead of waiting for a "Grilled Mayo Hot Hoagies" unknowing it's a "Cheese Sandwich".
Along with that, customers can easily add or remove orders, address waiters with their queries, and find special menu choices.
Registered members can avail loyalty points and other exciting offers and deals.


5. Increased sales and revenue.
Digital menu can upsell your business as well increase your ROI.
As customers can place an order any moment via E-Menu without any waiter's help, they are likely to order more.
Moreover, advanced technology, attractive images, and fast service, easy use brings a lot of customers in, thereby increasing sales.

For example, you can add special lunch sets, combos, and other paired dishes offers combining top products and the not-on demand products to increase sales and revenue.
As a digital menu can be easily updated, they are considered as investment rather than liability, giving a better ROI.


6. Cost effective with high profit margins
Traditional menus, which are likely to increase the cost via designing, printing, shipping, and reprinting whenever a new product or other offers are added, are replaced with an easy to use, automated - high tech digital menu. There's no design, print, ship, reprint cost involved with it; it's a one-time investment that benefits you for a very longer time.
Since a digital menu can be easily updated, you can keep up with the latest trends and promote your products accordingly. And you know, the more trendy you and your products are, the more is the crowd. Doesn't that mean high profit margins?

Increase your profits; decrease your cost with an E-Menu.


7. SingFNB Exclusive Offer
Having a digital menu for your dine-in customers is great.
But have you thought about the customers who want to know about your menu before stepping in the door or the ones standing in a queue for placing take-away orders?
What if I tell you, you can tackle all these with the same E-Menu that you have placed on tables?

Yes! SingFNB E-Menu provides you with exclusive options that can turn an order placing E- Menu in a non-orderable digital menu that can be placed outside the restaurant for customers to view what you offer.
You also get a rush hour savior i.e.'Exclusive Take Away E-Menu', where customers can place an order without any staff's assistance and need of having to wait for placing the order.


Final thoughts...
E-Menu will adjust with your surrounding as it's an environment friendly option.
Up of that, order placing is so reliable, fast, and accurate that it's likely to increase your customer base and the sales.

E-Menu will not only increase your restaurant's business but also will help you create your brand, a technology driven brand!


At SingFNB, we ensure that your customers get a novel experience with a royal service.


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