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04 - Apr - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira



Want to increase your F&B sales? Worried about the great customer base and the service?

Let's explore some techniques to increase sales performance of a cafe, restaurant, or bar!


1. Deliver excellent customer service
Humans are emotional by nature; they'll appreciate your behavior and want to come back again and again if treated warmly.
People dine out all the time but not just for great cuisine - they dine out for experience, experience that holds them back.
As a restaurant owner, great customer service is essential for your success.
Treat customers right, and they'll come back to your restaurant again & again.

Here are a few tips to set your restaurant head and shoulder above the competition.
a. Make them comfortable by serving their needs: For example, combining tables, extra chairs, etc.
b. Don't make them wait for too long and try to keep them busy in their wait time with a complimentary bread or a light snack, putting on a TV, wifi access, or some table games.
c. Different offers for customers to buy, for example: Happy Hours, lunch Sets, Delivery services.
d. Make payment easy, fast, and accurate.


2. Healthy options with right pricing
Now-a-days, people tend to look for options that provide sumptuous food with healthy options on the contrary.
More people are moving towards healthy food, so should your menu. Provide dietary menu with pricing done right!
For example: Instead of salads with creamy sauce, provide them salads with triple vegetables.


3. Design food logically
Instead of displaying dishes based on categories, design a menu with some science, psychology, and fun.
Just like a combo meal plan that consumer finds it easy and of good value for money.
From your point, you can look out for the products that are doing great and the ones which ain't. Hence, you can use the less sold products with some other meals and offer a combo set.
Go for attractive names for your dishes such as a “Hand-battered Crispy Fish Sandwich” instead of your regular “Fish Sandwich”.


4. Social media presence with stellar marketing
Convey your brand outside the walls - for free via social media platforms.
By sharing photos of your food and staff, notifying about the new dishes, and putting exclusive offers for your customers, you can create a community for your business that expands far beyond your physical location.
Post regularly so that your customers can always look out for the new.

Tips to promote:
a. Engage local Food Bloggers - Give them insight into your new menu item or an upcoming food festival, anything that will excite their readers.
b. Promote User-Generated Content - Encourage customers to participate in fun and creative content.
Do you need a name for a new menu item? Run a "Name that Pasta!" contest on your social media platforms.


5. Offer Online Ordering
As most people prefer to order food home than having a sumptuos meal outside, offer online ordering.
In addition to this, if you have a space crunch or don't have enough servers to take care of your orders, online ordering would help you with your shortcomes and increased sales. Moreover, there are various online delivery channels which will help you reduce the dependency on in-house delivery boys, and will further cut down the expenses.
A perfect strategy to grow sales and profits without growing your staff or expanding your restaurant.


6. Rewards and Programs
Rewarding your customers with special offers, add- ons, discounts makes them visit you often.
You can even offer samples of your new items for customers to try and give feedbacks, thus helping you work on an item by increasing customer relation simultaenously.
Utilize an event that appeals to many customers for it to make the greatest impact.
Higher rewards for higher spenders!


7. Play-up the Upselling
Communicate with your employees by asking them for the feedback about the restaurant or the changes that must be brought. More often then not, their opinion will be unadulterated as they would be dealing with customer on a daily basis. Remind them about the sales business, reward the efficient staff people and identify your top performing sales people have them mentor other members.
A small step can boost a sale!


8. Stay on top of the technology - A perfect restaurant management system!
It makes a difference!
Technology can boost the sales by impoving management and saving time.
Instead of remembering each and every important detail from peak hours to sales to inventory and products, let the technology gather all the data over time. The data collected wouldn't be a guess, instead a deep insight of all that's going on in restaurant.
With a perfect solution to track every minute detail of the business to customers, you can improve your F&B business at a lighting speed!


Ready to boost sales?
While this is not a complete list but by these few samplings,you’ll be off to a good start when you do start your restaurant business.
The secret is to look out for the answers to the Why? What worked? Who did? How to?


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