How videos can help with Restaurant Marketing?


16 - Oct - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira


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Thinking to market your restaurant by creating videos?
Well, that's a great idea.
Even though blogs and images have maintained a huge impact till date, Videos! They are outgrowing this tact.
As more and more people are looking for varieties of food and places, it has become more important to attract a huge crowd in shorter time frames.
Infact, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020, up from 70% in 2015.


Fortunately, restaurants have the added advantage of being very visual and sensory (after all, who doesn't drool watching a food plate full of delicacies), which positions them as ideal subjects for video.


So here are a few ideas to get you started with restaurant video marketing:

1. Brand Videos
The first touch point to connect with the customers is your brand, i.e., your story and your business.
We know about the About Us page on the website that tells customers about you, your story, etc.
But do they really connect with that?

So to communicate and connect with your customers, you need to present your story, what inspired you and your business, all of these in a right way.
And video is that communication medium that tells your customers about your authentic self.

To connect emotionally with the customers, you need to present yourself with a brand video.
Your brand video should give pretty overview of your business. What inspired you to get into the F&B industry?
What makes your restaurant special? What is the concept of your restaurant? Which cuisine is your specialty?
What do your customers think about your restaurant and food?

It's like knowing a hero's story from born till rise.


2. Social Videos
Social Videos are for attention grabbing just like the social media.
Where brand videos are used for lasting impression, social videos show about your restaurant's specials, your restaurant, etc.

Giving a tour of your restaurant or sharing some glimpse of events or parties with your customers is a sure shot way to attract new customers.

Your social videos should be attractive, bold and lively so as to attract huge audience.
Up of that, it must show what your restaurant offers, what's so unique about it, how the events are handled, etc.


3. Product Videos
The other way of marketing your restaurant is the product video.
Here you don't impress or attract, instead amuse them with the products that you offer.

Product videos are like showing them behind the scenes of the product.
What make these videos special is the curious nature of the humans that wants to know every bits & bites of the food they eat.

For product videos, instead of highlighting more products, focus on one special product, show about the product, about the ingredients, how you make it, the cooking style and process that gives it the authentic taste, etc.


4. Training Videos
Basically, these videos are not used for marketing directly but indirectly they are.
Training videos are for the staffs and these are to be kept far away from a customer’s sight.
These videos are for staff's training about working, behaving with a customer in certain scenario, learning a new system, and some basic marketing ways.

Though indirectly but with the efficiency of the staff, restaurant sales are boosted.

With training videos, staffs can watch and learn how to serve or act in the real time environment, etc.
Mostly training videos lasts a bit longer and they need professional expertise to make it suitable for staffs.


5. Commercial Videos
Though banners, emails, newsletters are the tried tools for Restaurant Promotions and offers and they give quite a good result. But with growing presence of videos, customers want to view all the details in attractive visuals within fraction of seconds.
For this reason, commercial videos are on a roll.

Commercial videos are short in time frame mostly for a few seconds and in that few seconds they give a complete idea of your business, from restaurant to products and the specials, etc.
A great way of marketing your restaurant is a commercial video. New customers who don’t know about your place can learn about you. The already customers can learn about the new offers, etc.


6. Explainer Videos
You've heard about the food blogs and recipes that keep your customers engaged and connected with you?
So explainer videos are a sort of that content marketing in a visual format.

As most and most people prefer watching videos to learn a new recipe, you can use the very same idea to market your restaurant with explainer videos.

Explainer videos can be used for your staff as well as for your customers.
These videos are generally used for showing recipe, particular part of cooking, to explain about a product or else to a staff member or new ideas to keep customers connected.


Summing up...
Videos are a huge part of an individual's daily life.
For business or fun, videos are the first priority of the modern world.
Thus, video marketing is a good play to increase sales and revenue.


Roll up your sleeves and get started with video marketing!
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