How to start a food blog in 5 easy steps?


26 - Jul - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira



"I don't love food", said no one ever.
And Singapore being a foodie paradise with multi cuisine culture, Singaporeans, can't even think about that.
So why not provide them a sneak peak of their favourite stuff?
Yes, I am talking about: "A food blog"

Confused about writing a blog that will help you with sales?
Don't worry! This article will guide you in writing a successful food blog.

Before going through the steps, let's see the reasons to start a food blog:



Do you want more visitors on your website? More customers at your place?
Then blogging is a great option.

Blogging is an inexpensive way to build brand awareness.
A great solution to develop a strong web presence in order to market your products and target the audience

In simple words, blogging can:

  1. Drive more traffic to your site.
  2. Build a huge customer base
  3. Maintain healthy relations
  4. Boost sales and profits via eCommerce
  5. Promote your business and market your new products with little to no bucks.
  6. An online presence to keep in touch with your customers and to meet the future members.

Just like these, blogging have a lot of advantages, so don't consider it as a side track.
For profits, you must write a blog.
Now, let's see the steps to write a successful blog:



Well, blog writing is not that difficult. It's as easy as preparing a dish.
With easy 5 steps you can write a successful food blog.
The 5 steps to make profit are as follows:

  1. Plan the topic and reach audience
  2. Creating compelling content
  3. Maintain frequency
  4. Grow Traffic
  5. Make it shareable

1. Plan the topic and reach the audience
Every thought, every plan, every business starts with an idea. The same is applicable for a blog too.
Before writing a blog, you need to organise the topics you are interested in writing based on your targeted audience.
Just like the ingredients of the recipe, you need to plan the topic you would be writing on.
Your topic and content should be related to your products, everything that you have to offer.

For example: You can write a recipe blog of your signature dish or highlighting, say, "Must try Thai dishes" that you serve at your place.
Tip: Make a list of all the topics you're interested in, and then choose which would be best suitable for your restaurant and your customers.


2. Create compelling content
After deciding the niche and the right audience of the blog, comes the main part of the blog, i.e., the content of the blog.
The content must be unique, attractive and simple in words. Adding content to the blog is like adding spices to a dish.
Only when they are in perfect proportion, the dish tastes delicious.
Similarly, proper wordings, attractive punch with relevant information makes up for a proper content.

Considering the 1st point, if you are writing a recipe blog, then start with ingredients, time required and serving count.
Then you can start about preparing the dish step by step with photos, videos etc.
This is an idea how to write a fascinating blog.

Tip: Write the content that's human friendly. Try to make it informal, fun and easy.

You can get more ideas on content marketing here.


3. Maintain Frequency
If you think that writing a blog once in a while will help you with sales then you are wrong, my friend!
As consistency in work makes a professional, to get maximum profits you need to maintain regularity in publishing blogs.
No, I'm not talking about posting daily, but atleast once a week?

Keep your audience updated with new, fresh and cool hack tips and other kinda blogs.
The frequency and new information helps you in getting a high ranking on google as well as visibility to your content.

Tip: Try to post twice a week. If you are confused about topic, post related to some offers and plays some games to earn.


4. Grow Traffic
Sadly, most of the amazing content on the internet today is not being avail to the customers just because it couldn't reach them. The reason is the failed promotions and traffic to the blog.
So if you think the audience will come on their own, just publishing an amazing content won't do. You need to promote your content, your work.
There are several ways of promoting your business:

  1. You can share your blogs on social media accounts, like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc
  2. Being active in relevant forums with your blog link in your email signature.
  3. Reaching out to other bloggers and networking with them.

5. Make it shareable
You promoted your blog and got a huge traffic, that's great! But do you just want your customers to read and leave? OR you're planning to provide them with some action.
An action to share your content, action to book or order the dish/dishes
Like a signup form on blog with some offers and rewards.

Tip: Add sign up forms on blogs, contact us - Call to action button, etc.



Now-a-days, blogging is very easy but ranking and getting traffic needs time, so you would need to maintain consistency and patience.
The easy way to get your blog done right is having a CMS (Content Management System) that will help you with easy designing of your blog and as well in publishing it.


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