How To Implement a Pos System Properly?


05 - Dec - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira




Dealing with the new POS system could be more daunting as selecting the POS system, implementing it and getting along with it needs more than just the advanced features.

With a wider perspective and the industries looking for the POS system, proper implementation is the growing question.

Infact, proper implementation of a POS system not only requires staff involvement, features that go with your business, but also many more things.


For a quick understanding, we've articulated 5 steps that must be followed for proper implementation of a POS system:


1. Proper Staff involvement from the initial stage

Choosing a POS system for the business is not just about bringing the modern POS system in.
Well, it must start with the staff involvement and the features that are required for the business.

Unless you know the reason of having that system in your company, even the best POS implementation is of no use.
Your staff knows better about the operations and the problems they face. Thus, involving them would be beneficial in selecting the right POS system.

For example, if you are running a retail super market and your staff has been facing issues with the checkout, then the POS system you're selecting for your business must have a proper checkout with auto calculations and discounts, etc.
Considering another example, if your client has a problem with the payment method as you provide a very few payment modes then selecting the POS that provides multiple payment methods would be beneficial for your business.


2. Having the 'must have' qualities

Whether to have a cloud based or a traditional POS system? What advanced features the POS system must have? These all are the secondary questions.
The POS system despite everything else must have these basic features:

  1. Checkout: that includes auto-calculation, pricing, and discounts to improve accuracy;
  2. Staff Management: To track employee hours, payroll and schedules;
  3. Customer Management: To collect valuable information of the customers, their preferences, and their spendings for loyalty programs;
  4. Inventory Management: To keep a check on the stock count so as to avoid cancellations; and
  5. Sales Reporting and Analytics: To get better insights about the business, sales, customers, etc.


3. Training Staff

'Practice makes a man perfect', just like that, training your staff about the use of the new POS system will reap benefits.
Just giving a book to a kid won't make him scholar, we need to teach them how to read.
Similarly, providing your staff with the POS system won't solve their issues directly.
To tackle those previous issues and to work fast with the POS system, they need to learn about its functioning.

For this, the POS providers may give out manuals, training videos and audios to assist.
Using those, you can train a particular group or all of the employees, as preferable.

The reason why it's necessary is that if the staff isn't trained, despite having the solution to the issues, he and your business would be at loss.


4. Launching mobile POS system

In era where each and every one of us look out for a mobile handy options, providing a mobile based POS system that can easily process the checkout, ordering place would be an advantage.
And having a cloud based system has its perks like you can easily check the order details from anywhere, track the sales, check customer details, and as well as gain business insights via reports and graphs.


5. Ensuring security

Having an advanced POS system with top notch features but without security measures is of no good.
Thus, implementation of a POS system requires a proper security constraint.

The system you choose must be compliant to the governmental security norms and as well as strong enough to protect the data from hackers.

These are the 5 basic but must be included while implementing a POS system.
Without anyone of these, even the best POS system is not considered as good.


Wrapping up:

While implementing a POS system, never miss out on the above 5 steps,
And if you're finding for one such POS system that has proper implementation, SingEPOS is the only answer.


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