Why your Restaurant needs a CRM Integrated System?


03 - Jan - 2020   Author- Nikita Rohira


Why your Restaurant needs a CRM Integrated System? - SingFNB Best EPOS Solution

Often while looking for a restaurant management system, the first thing that never goes unnoticed is the customer service.

But the confusion arises thereafter with the questions like:

What kind of customer service? What level of customer satisfaction? How to retain those customers and gain profits?

Well, the only answer is an integrated CRM.

A CRM tool that will enhance the customer service, make sales and retain more clients with loyalty programs, boost business with reports & analytics, and many more things.

Let’s have a look at all the features that will reach out to the desired results.


1. Avoid confusion

Confused between the two same food ordering customers?

Many-a-times, customer's after ordering the food replace the table, leaving waiter confused with the order.

At this time, an integrated CRM helps to distinguish between the customers through their order details, and the other data.


2. Device friendly data synchronization

Restaurant Management system requires a remote friendly option where the staff on the cash counter and the kitchen display system, receives the same order details at same time.

An integrated CRM provides an easy check on the customers, their orders, their payments via mobile phone as well as through the desktop.

Being integrated with the main system, the past orders, and the other order invoices gets synchronized and automatically updated in the system.

Basically, you don’t have to do the manual work of updating the system with the customer's data, who or the ones via POS.

You get a complete freedom with devices, the way you want.


3. Detailed customer history

Have you thought about what makes the customer loyal towards your business?
It’s not just your product but the service you provide.

The way you interact with the customers, how you make them feel special for being a part of your business family is what keeps them loyal to you.
And how do you do that?

With an integrated CRM that tracks all the data of the customer, their food preferences, allergies, and every single minute detail that can be used the next time you’re serving a customer.
Based on their previous purchases, you can provide them a customized experience, dishes suited to their needs.


4. Loyalty Programs & Marketing

Just having the customer's data in hand is not enough. But instead, a CRM that helps analysing the customer details and provides marketing campaigns, is the need of today's business.
Along with promotional offers, email and sms marketing, a CRM provides you with loyalty programs to get back on those lost and the newer customers.

With a CRM, you not only get the customer's data but also how to keep on with your business sales and profits through different promotions and marketing offers.


5. Customer insights & analytics

Working on improving the product and the service will improve your customer count but to make them stay,
you need to have a proper insight of your business, of your customer’s.

With analytics and reports, you can measure your customer's orders, their past invoices, loyalty points used, and thus appreciate the premium customers.
By visual charts and graphs, you can check which customer hasn't shown up from a long time and can send offers to make them visit.

With reports, you can get an idea of the sales, the products in demand, and the customers that bring more profit.

Wrapping up…
By now, you might have understood about all the benefits and the profits, a CRM integrated system has.
CRM not only gets the crowd in but also makes them stay.

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