How To Win Back Customers & Make Them Stay?


24 - Dec - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira


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Get on a short tour to increase your restaurant's customer base with creative ideas

Customers are the sole reason of flourishing business and with the competition so tough, many-a-times; those loyal customers leave us out for that extra discount or a better quality they receive at your competitors’ place. However, with some mix and tricks of ideas, you can win them back. To know more, let’s drill down.


Send Offers to win back customers

1. Offers & Discounts

Send offers; give out discounts and a chance to earn extra loyalty points on a reservation, or on special orders.

Exciting deals will make them come back

Like: 10% discount on next order, Buy 1 Get 1 free


Send Offers to win back customers

2. Feedback Campaigns…

Ask the customers about the food, the service, and the overall experience.

Be honest and transparent with the feedback system.

Improve the customer experience through valuable feedback & testimonials.


Send Offers to win back customers

3. Contest…

Shoot out for the exciting contest alerts!

Plan some amazing, funny and interactive in-house or social media games and quizzes to get lost customer's attention.

Don't miss out to mention the gifts & surprises they could take over.

Ideas like: "Name the dish", "A lucky name card", "Guess the ingredients"


Send Offers to win back customers

4. Get Personal…

Show that you care by sending out one-to-one personalized messages or by addressing them on an individual basis.

Like: "We miss you, 'first name' "

"Hello Mr. 'first name', what would you like to have?”

Use customer data, past order details to know about your customer's preferences and taste, via a customised POS system with an integrated CRM.




Send promotions, emails & newsletters

1. Send promotions, emails & newsletters…

Send promotional emails & newsletters regarding the new product, new offers & deals, about the upcoming events.

Inform them about your new outlet, festive sales & discounts through email broadcasting.


Send Offers to win back customers

2. Keep up with the social media meet & greet…

Stay active on social media.

Keep posting images of new dishes, food videos, behind the scene stories, signature recipe blogs, etc

Reply sincerely on customer's comments and appreciate the positive and the negative feedback graciously.


Send Offers to win back customers

3. Appreciate them…

Send thank-you emails and messages once in a while.

Reward your premium members with exclusive benefits like: "Free delivery service"

Give out loyalty points to the members to show how grateful you are.


Meanwhile, learn the food costing method to design a right menu for your loyal customers.


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