7 technologies that can increase restaurant sales and revenue


10 - Jun - 2019   Author- Nikita Rohira


Once in a while looking through the mobiles, tablets, laptops or PCs, you might be wondering about the endless possibilities of these high-tech devices to grow your business.

Tired of the manual work and the limitation that it carries along, everyone from a small entrepreneur to a multinational company wishes for a magical stick that can boost their sales and revenue.

Restaurant industry being the most demanding customer serving industry needs it more than anyone else.
But how many do know about the technologies (magical stick) that can advance the business, the restaurant business?


Come; let's explore the technologies and its endless possibilities that can increase your restaurant business.


1. POS
Still keeping a book to maintain inventory, manually writing receipts, and orders?
If you still accept only cash then your business is in need of a POS system.

A POS system will track all your orders, keep a check on inventory, generate different order tickets and invoices, and will provide you with different ways of accepting bills.
With POS system, you can keep a track of your customer’s preference and behaviors without stressing your mind.
The E-Menu's integration with E-Waiter and POS helps to keep a check on your customer's requirement and whether it's fulfilled or not.

POS system makes it easy for everyone by automatically tracking information, exporting data, taking care of all clients’ record and letting you focus on your future business ideas.


2. Table ordering E-Menu
Why make your guests wait for a server to show up with menus then come and ask about every individual order from a drink to appetizers one at a time?
What about providing them a personal table server that will show menu, take order and as well inform them about their order status?
With table ordering E-Menu, customers can directly view the menu, place the order as well the additional items whenever and as often they would like, and check their order status with or without a little help from a human server.
For assistance, instead of calling a waiter, customers can directly ping the kind of help they need, which will be received by the E-Waiter and as well as the POS at the same time.

For example, if a customer needs water, he/she can directly ping with "I need water"; hereby making the conversation smooth and calm.
As the message is received by E-waiter and as well the POS, there's no chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding. When a customer requests for bill, the message received by POS will help the staff to keep the bill ready; keeping your restaurant less chaotic, your servers less irritating, and your customers more satisfied.

E-Menu helps you provide your customers a WOAH experience. Not only this, but also eMenu helps you boost your business.
You can read more about it here.


3. E-Waiter
Diners hate it when they have to wait for waiter's assistance or for the help they need in modifying an order or changing it.
With the help of E-Waiter, servers can check out for the tables that need their assistance and can help them with easy modification of orders, table change, and other services without asking at each and every table.
The perfect integration with E-Menu helps waiter to receive the assistance call message with reason and table number so as to avoid confusion and round trips.

With E-Waiters, the serving staff can keep a check on diners order status and serve them without any serving confusion. Along with it, they can help customers with order placing, registering and applying loyalty points, etc.
Instead of maintaining the stationary, waiters can use their all-time favourite tool: tabs and iPads to provide diners with faster and better service.


4. Waiting line digital menu
Its peak hour and many of your customers might prefer to take away the order. So what do you think about providing them? A flat board menu and taking their orders manually.
You can't provide each and every customer waiting in line with an individual dine-in E-Menu.
During such time, having an Exclusive Take-Away E-Menu provides you with a feature to take multiple orders via a single tab or iPad.
The advantage it provides is that no matter the number of take away orders, you won't confuse the one who ordered a "Cheese Sandwich, French fries combo" with the one who ordered sweet dishes.

What about the customers who would just like to check out your menu?
A non-orderable digital menu can help you with it. It's simply a digitalised version of your flat board menu that you can place even outside your restaurant.

With these technologies, you can handle a huge crowd with little staff.
Up of that, no more repeated question and answer session with customers regarding menu and the products


5. Kitchen Displays
Every restaurant owner knows that the key to success is in the preparation work. And if it's messed up with wrong and confusing orders, nothing can save you from the loss.
That's when Kitchen Displays come into picture. With kitchen displays, chefs can view the orders directly on the screen instead of some doctor-style handwritten order passed by waiters earlier.
They can prepare their order based on the priority and the order's in the queue instead of some random order's dish or else it would be like one customer gets the dessert while other is still waiting for a starter dish after having a main course.

The most horrifying scene "this isn't what I ordered" can be avoided with Kitchen Displays as the order placed by customers via E-Menu or E-waiter is directly displayed on the screen.
No miscommunication, no mistakes, and no fear of losing a customer!


6. Table Reservation System
On high-traffic days, when restaurant seems to be full, table reservation are the saviors of the diners.
Providing table reservation widget on your website or social media sites with pre-ordering meals not only save customers time but also yours. If orders are pre-booked, you can plan the meals accordingly so that your chefs and servers don't have to rush when the crowd gets in.

A simple widget can help you with your sales even during the week days when you're worried about getting no customers.
Here you can read how table reservation can get you a lot of bucks.


7. Online Ordering (eCommerce)
Many food lovers crave for having specific restaurant's food but in their comfort zone.
With online ordering system, i.e., eCommerce, you can provide those customers with the options to get it delivered at their door steps.
You can even consider partnering with third- party delivery services that can help with food deliveries without you having to hire a new employee.


Wrapping up...
From a restaurant owner to waiters and bartenders to restaurant itself, everything and everyone is going to benefit from these technologies.
But just knowing about these technologies will not help you, you need to give your restaurant a technology boost.


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